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Meet the Artist

(That's Steve on the left )
Steve Benincasa-Morales
 has been a professional artist most of his adult life.  Except for a brief stint in his youth working at the zoo and managing pet stores (he actually has a certification as a vet-tech, but has no idea where it is nor did he ever do anything with it.)

He's been  a core staff artist for Disney, the art director for Hero Games, as well as a few other design studios.
For a time he worked on independent comics during the great B&W glut of the 80s. His work has appeared in all sorts of weird places from Sony and Hilton products, to the nature company and the L.A. Zoo.  He's worked on children's educational software like Dr. Seuss and even done some collectible card art for Legend of the Five Rings (owned by wizards of the coast.)

Always a fanatic animal/nature-lover, he is excited to find a way to combine his passion for animals with his love of magic and fantasy...and drawing!

We're still setting up the new website and email addresses,
but if you want to contact him, you can message him through the GothPop links that are all over this site,
or his instagram account: stefanoselaroma.


Steve currently lives in the SF Bay Area with his wife Anna, old watermelon of a cat Monstro, their black goth-bunny Layla, and the newest members of their family - a pair of adopted black kittens (yet to be named)


We Gots Kittens.jpg



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